Our services
We aim to provide an incomparable service

GP Surgery

All our residents are registered under Testvale Surgery in Totton. In 2014 the NHS set out ‘umbrella’ surgeries, designed for care homes to be managed by one practice rather than numerous surgeries. Our registered GP is Dr Robinson who makes regular visits to the Home. Dr Robinson has allotted her Wednesday mornings to Forest Edge to complete a ‘ward round’ each week. An additional GP regularly visit the home to attend to any medical issues of our residents. We manage all medication and health related issues within the Home.


We are supported by the Romsey Dental Clinic and Denpro Dental Clinic from Southampton, who visit the home for any dental appointments. Required work may be done on the NHS if applicable. The dentist visits the home as and when needed and offers dental screenings to establish in any treatment is required!


Our chiropodist visits the Home on a regular basis to ensure consistency and good foot care! Podiatry comes at an additional cost and will invoice you directly. In addition to this, you can arrange for your own or preferred professional to visit.

District Nursing Team

The Totton District Nursing Team visit the home regularly to attend to our residents nursing needs, such as blood tests, dressings, pressure care management and much more. The Team are fantastic in supporting us to manage our residents nursing needs, especially those who are unable to get out an about. The Nurses visit us regularly and are always on hand if we need them.

Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN)

Our Community mental health Nurse, Sarah Ide is always on hand to deal with all of our residents’ mental health issues. Sarah continually reviews residents who require being seen by the mental health team. Sarah is in regular contact with the home and contributes highly in providing the best possible intervention when dealing with mental health issues.


Vision Call provides a service to ensure our residents’ visual needs are met. All of our residents are seen on an annual basis, where recommendations are made and prescriptions are issued if necessary.


We are now working alongside Specsavers in Totton for any new hearing aids or repairs. You are however more than welcome to use a service of your choice.


Our wonderful hairdresser of many years is part of the family. Carol visits the home at least twice a week and always ensures our residents are looking glamourous. Carol’s services include wash and set, trim, colour and cut and perms. Hairdressing comes as an additional cost, however Carol is extremely good value for money.